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Multilingual Subtitle Localization

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We convert regular translators into subtitle localization geniuses.

Translating subtitles (captions) into multiple languages is an expensive, painful process. It shouldn't be.

Produce Professional Standardized Subs

Not all translators have the same skills when producing captions. Most have never done it before. Give them a tool that will guarantee all your languages are easy to read on the screen.

Increase Your Profit Margins

When you ask multiple translators to create their own captions in their language, you're paying too much. If you don't have an SRT in English, we'll create it for you and then just pay for regular translations!

Implement QA Processes

Send your encrypted subtitles to your editor or client for safe review and stop them from changing the translations themselves. They'll be able to add comments instead as the watch the video & the subtitles for easier review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is Translating Box?

TranslatingBox turns any translator into a pro subtitle localizer. The subtitles files we work from have been prepared by professional subtitlers that know these rules by heart to prepare the English master file (PreSub) but it’s of vital importance that you also understand the logic behind these industry standards so they you can  do a great job with the least amount of frustration.

Why should I use TranslatingBox?

TranslatingBox allows you to translate and review subtitles into multiple languages instead of having to hire multiple translators with subtitle experience.

TranslatingBox allows you to:

  • Create your subtitle files more easily: With TranslatingBox you can have your subtitle files under control while translating subtitles from one language into another.
  • Open an mp4 video and see the subtitles as you edit them: In our new desktop version of Translating Box, you can play the video along with your subtitles.
  • Review and leave comments: To improve quality, you or your translators/proofreaders/client can leave comments about different aspects of the subtitles such as translation variants, subtitle length, etc. in the PreSub file.
  • Language-based character limitation: When you select the target language, the algorithm automatically creates a limit to the allowed number of characters per line that follows best practices for that language.
  • Third line optional: Allows translators to use a third line of captions if the final client approves it.

To whom is TB directed?

TB is the best option for translation companies. In general, people with different roles such as managers, translators, and reviewers can access TB.

Do I need to install TranslatingBox?

TranslatingBox can be used online from any browser or can be downloaded as an app to your Windows or Mac computer.

To use the online version just click “Online Access” on TranslatingBox.com and it will take your there, simply enter the code you have been given by your Project Manager and start working.

For our Desktop version, just click the Windows or Mac Download buttons and start downloading, then just follow the steps there.

Does TB have a user manual?

Yes. We have a user manual, with special Annex included for translators and reviewers.

How can I start working in TB? What should I do?

TranslatingBox uses its own proprietary file type called .Presub. To start translating you will need two things from your project manager:

  1. Your access code. This will need to be entered only once if you’re using the desktop software option or every time if you’re using the online option.
  2. A .Presub file. This is an encrypted file that contains both the source lines and your translations.

What is a PreSub file?

A PreSub file is a special subtitle format designed for Translating Box. It can only be used within TB. These files are encrypted and every time you save a copy to your computer, a new file version will be used with a file number suffix at the end.

What is the process to get my SRT files from A to Z?

  1. We need a transcription of the video (don’t worry if you don’t have it, our expert team of Transcribers will have done it for you.) or a source .srt file for your video (you can also ask our team to create the .Presub file from scratch).
  2. We create .PreSub file that you will send to your translators
  3. Your translators do their magic and send you back the last version of the .Presub file they create.
  4. You can send this to a reviewer. If you don’t give them a code to enter, they will only be able to add comments to each subtitle but won’t be able to modify the subtitle translation itself.
  5. You send us the .Presub file from your translator or reviewer.
  6. We will deliver a well structured .srt file in accordance with international subtitles standards.


What if I don’t have transcription for my video?

With our turnkey service, you do not need to worry about that! We have an expert and reliable team of Transcribers who are ready to help. No matter what language you need, just request for our transcription service too.


Does TB allow you to save SRT files?

Your team will be able to save files in .Presub format only. We process them on our end and send you a file in .SRT or any other caption file format you might need.



What is an SRT file?

They are the most basic of all subtitle formats.” SubRip (SubRip Text) files are named with the extension .srt, and contain formatted lines of plain text in groups separated by a blank line. Subtitles are numbered sequentially, starting at 1. 
The timecode format used is hours:minutes:seconds,milliseconds with time units fixed to two zero-padded digits and fractions fixed to three zero-padded digits (00:00:00,000). The fractional separator used is the comma, since the program was written in France.
    1. A numeric counter identifying each sequential subtitle
    2. The time that the subtitle should appear on the screen, followed by –> and the time it should disappear
    3. Subtitle text itself on one or more lines
    4. A blank line containing no text, indicating the end of this subtitle
   00:20:41,150 --> 00:20:45,109
   - How did he do that?
   - Made him an offer he couldn't refuse.
Not all clients will request/need .srt files. We got you covered. We can convert from .srt or from SBV (YouTube) to Flash DFXP, SMI or SAMI (Windows Media), SCC, CPT.XML (Flash Captionate XML), QT (Quicktime), and STL(Spruce Subtitle File), etc.

Which media formats can TB play?

At the moment it can play MP4 videos.

What if I don’t have MP4 video? Or if I have .MOV, .AVI, etc?

You can easily convert your video using a free tool like this one.  

Open or Closed Captions

Even though the terms caption” and subtitle” have similar definitions, captions” commonly refer to on-screen text specifically designed for hearing impaired viewers, while subtitles” are straight transcriptions or translations of the dialogue. Captions are usually positioned below the person who is speaking, and they include descriptions of sounds (such as gunshots or closing doors) and music. Closed” captions are not visible until the viewer activates them. Open” captions are always visible.
Most captioning for web content uses standalone caption files like .srt  these files contain the caption data separately from your video.
In open captioning, the caption data is rendered right into the video picture. To do this, we must re-encode your video and alter the image to include the caption text. Once complete, the caption text is part of the video  it no longer exists separately from the video. The advantage of this is that it will display on any device that displays the video  you can’t turn them off; no support for captioning is necessary.

Which captions file formats can you deliver?

We can send you deliverable caption files in .SRT, .ASS, .VBT or any other standard as needed.

Do I have to create PreSub files?

No, our team will be in charge of that. The only thing you have to do is to send us the video and/or transcription (if you have it) or an SRT file in the source language, and we will prepare the PreSub file and send it to you.

Subtitle Localization

Is there any characters limit per subtitle with TB?

Yes. The space for each translated line is limited to 42 characters. Each subtitle has a maximum of 3 lines that may be used.

What is the limit for Asian languages?

For Asian Languages we can see that we have 16 characters for Chinese and Korean, 13 characters for Japaneese, 35 characters for Thai and 42 for Vietnamese.  

How do I know the amount of characters I have used in a line?

TB shows you that information while you are creating the subtitle. It can be seen on the right side of the box you are writing in. Just select the target language from the selector on the left. The fact that TranslatingBox has a limit in characters allows subtitles to follow industry tried and tested subtitling guidelines while communicating the message using a reasonable amount of words.

What is the difference between our Desktop version and our Online version?

Basically the great difference between these two versions is the possibility to upload the video, this option is only available with our desktop versions.

How can I review a translated .Presub file?

Managers and/or Reviewers can both check translated .PreSub files. With our new Desktop version it is simple and really fast. Just upload the video and the translated .PreSub file to Translating Box, you will be able to watch the video with subtitles on the screen. Click on each subtitle in the window on the left side and review it on the translated tabs on the right side. The video will start playing at the exact time of the subtitle you click on the left column and continue from that point.  

You or your reviewer can freely make changes or add comments for that subtitle without altering the translation. Changes done will be saved by clicking next or by pressing the “Enter” button on your keyboard. You will be able to identify the subtitles with a note by looking for the little note icons next to the source column on the left.

Affordable Pricing

Request a quick quote right here and let us know if you’d like to go beyond subtitles and make your video shine with voice recordings, on-screen text translations or if you need your captions open so you can get them embedded in the video itself. Apply for Partner Pricing and your Estimates Calculator

First Language



Without Initial SRT
First 5 mins: $50

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Or With Initial SRT
First 10 mins: $15




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First 10 Mins: $30